Fishpointer is Easy to Use

Using Fishpointer will positively impact the way you fish so can just fish!


Your Feed

Your Fishpointer feed shows current news from each fishing friend and location you follow. You'll receive notifications when something new is added to those feeds

Fish, tag, share & enjoy!

Let's get you started

Adding a catch

Tap on "+ Add a catch" starts your camera, take a shot or add from your photo library > add location & fish details > tap "Add catch" and it's saved!

Fishpointer is a live map of tagged locations

The tags are fishing and related locations, accessed by tapping the tag. Let's add a location

Adding a location

Tap "+" (top left main screen) select location type >place tag, fill details, add optional photo >tap "Add location", that's it!

Following a location

Tap the grey follow icon - it changes to gradient green, that's it, you're now following the location!


Now you can upload catch photo's, tag, follow and share your passion!
Enjoy your new fishing companion!